Unique Portable On-Grid/Off-Grid Semi-Automatic DC Washing Machine


The Unique Elite Pro Style 30” off-grid propane range marries exquisite design with exceptional cooking performance! Its Italian made Sabaf burners range in size up to 18,000 BTUs offering the perfect blend of power and precision. The Elite off-grid ranges come with a first to the market waist-high broiler (patent pending) and a convenient battery operated light in the oven. Matchup with our Unique Elite 18 SS propane refrigerator.

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  • Energy efficient dual tub washing machine is perfect for off-grid use with solar system, or apartment use with AC/DC converter (AC/DC converter sold separately)
  • Lightweight, easy to move where needed
  • 2 wash settings (gentle/heavy duty)
  • Adjustable timed spin cycle
  • Hooks up to standard faucet
  • Pump-powered drain
  • Compact and modern design, easy to store
  • Manual drain to regulate flow for septic beds


DC 24V


  • Capacity Washer: 8.0 kg/ 18 lbs
  • Capacity Spinner: 5.0 kg/ 11 lbs
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 88.9 cm x 80 cm x 47.5 cm (35” x 31.5” x 18.7”)
  • Weight: 20 kg/ 44 lbs
  • DC Power: 24V
  • Power Consumption: 0.19 kw/h
  • Input Wash Power: 160W/30W
  • Water Consumption: Variable upon requirement
  • Connections: Battery gator clips

Model Number:

  • UGP-72 LD1

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