Solar Panels

CS6K-275 | 24 Volt

Canadian Solar‘s Smart DC module features an innovative integration of Canadian Solar’s module technology & SolarEdge’s power optimization for grid-tied PV applications. By replacing the traditional junction-box with a power optimizer, the SmartDC module optimizes power output at module-level. 

LDK -160P | 12 Volt

This module packs a powerful 160 watt punch and can charge batteries in a hurry. We recommend a minimum of 225 amp hours of batteries with this much power. The LDK panels are a higher voltage and must be transformed down to 12 volts with the proper MPPT charge controller.

Solar Batteries

Surrette Battery Company Ltd

Surrette Battery Company Ltd. is one of North America’s leading lead-acid battery producers and Canada’s only remaining independent battery manufacturer.  Located in Springhill, Nova Scotia, they produce a wide range of Rolls-branded premium deep cycle batteries for use in Renewable Energy, Marine, Motive Power and Railroad applications. 

S-550 - Series 4000 6 Volt

FS 230 - Series 4000 6 Volt

S6-460- Series AGM-S 6 Volt

Crown CR-370

Crown Battery has been a high quality battery manufacturing group for over 90 years. When it comes to the best, Crown is the one to turn to for reliability and performance.

Crown CR-370 | 6 Volt

CROWN CR-430 | 6 Volt

Priarie Battery

Prairie Battery endeavors to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service. In order to accomplish this, we stock a diversified range of high quality products giving our customers access to all their battery needs. Prairie Battery has a dealer network where many of our products may be purchased locally. In addition, we provide door to door route service and local delivery as well as the ability to ship products throughout Canada.

Solar Controllers

Morningstar’s third generation ProStar™ PWM charge controller offers additional features and capabilities while maintaining the same form factor, quality and reliability that has made the ProStar the world’s leading mid-range PWM solar controller for professional and consumer applications since 1995. The PS-30M includes a high resolution graphical meter to adjust settings and display logged data with the capability to store up to 256 days of data logging. The PS-30M also features advanced programmable lighting controls and enhanced surge rating for heavy DC loads. The 100% solid state PS-30M controller has an estimated service life of 15 years.

Morning Star P 30 M

The SunSaver 20L 12 volt controller offers most of the same features of the ProStar line, but without the battery status LED's, automatic equalization or the optional LCD display. The SunSaver 20 is a PWM controller and can control up to 20 array amps (can be paralleled for 40 amps or more). The SunSaver's advanced design delivers outstanding performance and value. The SunSaver 20L also has a low-voltage disconnect (LVD)

SunSaver's low cost is made possible by Morningstar's unique approach to design and manufacturing: automated production, latest power electronic power technologies, latest control and logic technologies, and high volume manufacturing.

SunSaver 20L

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