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Propane +

For us its all in the plus.

We stock a wide range of propane and off grid appliances.

We are North Western Ontario's largest dealer of Unique off grid appliances. We stock all different sizes of propane fittings and copper gas line.

Need a new cylinder? We have them ready to go.

In need of a cylinder recertification? Drop it off at one of our locations, we usually have them completed in 1 Hr.

Need a cylinder fill, well we do that too. From 5lb to 420 lb cylinders; we have plenty of qualified staff on site so there's no wait for service.

We also deliver appliances and propane to remote locations. Give us a call or drop by for details.

leaders in off-grid innovation

About Unique Off-Grid

How has Unique Gas become the North American (and increasingly international) leader in off-grid appliances?

Focus: Unique focuses on the off-grid appliance market, and off-grid consumers' specific needs. This is all we do, and have done for decades.

Patents/Innovation = Greener World: Unique has numerous off-grid related patents/patents pending in just the last two years! We listen to our customers' wants and needs (dealers and consumers) and design new products accordingly. Unique was the first to bring to market 9 volt ignition for cooking products - no more standing pilots wasting fuel. Unique's patented direct vent technology (third generation) is by far the most consumer friendly in the market - easy to install.

Best Tech Support In The Business: We understand that our products go into isolated applications. With 6 licensed gas fitters handling customer support, you have "peace of mind" when buying from Unique. If you have a problem , we'll be there to support you.

Widest Product Range In North America: We're your "one-stop shop". Unique is the manufacturer and certification holder for over 30 different off-grid products including Unique propane ranges, Unique cooktops, Unique propane refrigerators, Unique 3-way portables, Unique propane freezers and our line of Unique DC appliances. You'll find our line of "Unique" off-grid appliances meets all your off-grid cooking and refrigeration needs.

International Recognition: Unique ships containers of our products all over the world, including our Unique propane fridges into the toughest application in the world, Saudi Arabia and Qatar (45°C/110°F ambient). If you have any questions about Unique or our products, don't just view our website's information, give us a call toll-free at 807.468.5005

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